How To Activate iPhone Without SIM Card

Are you wondering if you can activate iPhone without SIM card? The answer is YES, and you can activate your iPhone in different ways without using a SIM card. And most widely used methods are elaborated in this article.

You can refer to this guide to activate iPhone without SIM card and without getting locked to any unwanted network.

Activating using iTunes on computer

The first method to activate iPhone without SIM card is using iTunes on your computer. Apple’s iOS software management is established and specially designed to serve such tasks. Follow the steps given below.

Are you having an unlocked iPhone? then you can use iTunes to activate it. To do, you’ll need to secure a compatible computer either macOS or Windows with the latest version of iTunes installed.

If you don’t have an iTunes yet, then you can download the latest version of the app for free on your computer from its official website.

Once you have installed iTunes, proceed with these steps given below to activate your iPhone with iTunes:

  • Connect your device to a computer using a USB cable or lightning cable. iTunes will prompt a message telling what you should do and the details you need to fill to activate your iPhone.
  • When the iTunes detects your phone, select the option to Set up as new iPhone, then click on Continue.
  • You will then be directed to a new screen Sync with iTunes. Click the Get Started button and then Sync.
  • It takes a couple of minutes to finish the process. Once everything is completed, you can now disconnect your iPhone from the computer.
  • Now you will be able to use your activated iPhone on a Wi-Fi network like an iPad or iPod.

If you are still seeing an iTunes message saying that there is no SIM card detected in your phone, it means your device is locked to a particular carrier. In this case, you’ll need to get a suitable SIM or just borrow a SIM so that you can use it during the activation.

Activate using R-SIM/ X-SIM

Aside from iTunes, you can also use an R-SIM or X-SIM to activate iphone without SIM card.

Step 1: Insert the R-SIM or X-SIM into your phone through its SIM tray. A list of network providers will show up.

Step 2: Select your preferred cellular network provider to continue. If your provider does not show up in the list, then select input IMSI from the given option.

Step 3: Enter the 7-digit carrier code, then you can search for all the IMSI codes online.

Activate iPhone Without SIM

Step 4: Once the code is entered, you can select your iPhone model from the list of options.

Activate iPhone Without SIM

Step 5: Choose your preferred unlocking method, after selecting your iPhone model.

Step 6: It takes a few seconds to process your request. Click Accept from the setup prompt, doing so your device will reboot to confirm the action. There you go, your phone will now be activated without a SIM card.

Activate iPhone Without SIM

In case the above methods were not helpful, there is the last method that you can try, which is jailbreaking.

Activate using Jailbreak

Jailbreaking means getting rid of all the restrictions imposed by Apple Inc. to tamper the iPhone’s internal settings and use its software. It is advisable to jailbreak your device after trying the other methods.

If the above methods listed and explained are ineffective in activating your iPhone without a SIM, then you can consider this jailbreaking.

Note: Keep this option as your last option because adopting this method can destroy your iPhone’s warranty.

However, this method will clearly help you to unlock your iPhone without a SIM card. We all are well aware of the fact that since iPhone activation is is a mandatory step before you start using your phone.

The task of activating an iPhone without a SIM is a little risky. But with the help of the various methods given above you are empowered to activate iphone without SIM card is simple.

Final Words:

I hope that we have been able to help you to activate iphone without SIM card. Let us know which way helped you, and feel free to share your thoughts and tips in the comment section given below.

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