Best Nintendo DS Emulator For PC To Play Games

Best Nintendo DS Emulator has been one of the best handheld devices and most of the games were originally developed for this device where they are still popular.

We all love the old DS games and always looking for opportunities that will enable us to play those games on our new operating systems like windows and mac.

Many of us have a lot of questions with emulators, whether the emulators are legal or not. An emulator is just a software that meant to emulate a game system, but they are not useful without the game files(ROMs).

And so the Emulators are legal to download and use, but sharing the copyrighted ROMs online is illegal.

Best Nintendo DS Emulator For PC

best nintendo ds emulator

One of the best games of the Nintendo DS of all time is Pokemon.

Pokemon game is the only main reason why people still go back in search of the way to run their favorite vintage games on PC.

Still, there are several emulators for PC that you can use to play your favorite DS games like Mario, Pokemon, and others.


The name might be a little weird, but it DeSmuMe is one of the best nintendo ds emulator for PC.

The developers are serious about their development and improvement with reliable support that provides a great solution to all bug reports.

This emulator is open-source software, that’s works on both Windows and Mac OS. DS games run pretty smooth on both platforms, but there is a frame drop problem in MacBook Air.

It is one of the best emulators because it has a lot of customization option that allows the users to alter the graphics and controller settings.


  • It allows users to save the current game status.
  • Updated regularly and releasing new builds frequently.
  • Supports both Windows and Mac


MelonDS always manages to come up, when we talk about the best Nintendo DS emulator for PC.

Unlike DeSmuMe, MelonDS lacks many of the emulation and graphic options. It is still one of the best emulators because it allows the users to connect via WiFi and play multiplayer games with their friends and family.


  • Fast even in high resolution.
  • Compatible with all DS games.
  • Also compatible with Linux.
  • Accepts an external controller.


RectroArch has a unique feature that allows its users to play games of the different console right on your PC.

If you are looking for an all in one emulator that runs with high-quality output, then the RectroArch is the best choice.

best nintendo ds emulator

It might be quite hard for the new users with navigation and personalization of the Emulator. Also, it offers graphic optimization as other emulators allow you to only customize your games.


  • All in one Emulator.
  • It comes with a series of default games.
  • Allows graphics to 4k.
  • Supports both Windows and Mac.


The OpenEmu is an emulator that works on both Windows and Mac OS, with the ability to support more than one console. The user interface of the emulator is classic and looks like iTunes, where the installed games are properly aligned.

best nintendo ds emulator

Even though the emulator is perfect for playing several games, it still lacks graphics, unlike the RectroArch emulator that comes with a 4K setting.

The downfall of the emulator is that you have no option of increasing the graphic quality to suit your device.


  • Allows running different console games.
  • User Interface is classy.
  • Supports different varieties of controllers.


Citra is one of the best nintendo ds emulator for PC, and it allows you to play most of your old favorite games like Pokemon and the legends of Zelda.

best nintendo ds emulator

The graphic resolution can be adjusted in this emulator to 4K depending on your device. With the top-notch settings and features of this emulator, you can get the best of the old NDS games than others.

It also allows users to use external controllers and WiFi to connect with friends and family to enjoy.


  • It allows you to play multiplayer games through WiFi.
  • Graphic resolution can be increased to 4K.
  • You can use an external controller.


Everyone thinks that the DS emulators for PC are hard to find. But there is a good amount of them, which can be downloaded for free. And in this list, we have listed the 5 best nintendo ds emulator for beginners and to those who are seeking to play Nintendo DS games on PC.

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