How to Fix All the Pairing Issues on Kodi

If you are Kodi user then you would have used any video addon to stream movies, TV shows, or sports on Kodi. But in some video Add-ons like the exodus, a list of servers that are available for streaming. In that, Have you seen the name of the ‘Openload’ server? Sometimes, if you choose the server, it goes to, which ask for authentication in order to continue with the stream. You can solve the following steps by following the steps below. has been replaced by You can follow the instructions given below as it looks like error

This bug prevents us from streaming or viewing movies, games, and TV shows hosted on the open-load server. This error appears in the image above.

Why do we have an OpenOld Stream authentication error?

It is a server where you can download all movies, TV shows, and video related games. But because of the high demand for watching millions of movies, the server is sometimes disabled. The concept of authentication has been introduced to manage a wide audience. You need to pair your IP with openload in order to stream in that server. After pairing your IP address, you can see the feed up to 4 hours. After 4 hours, you must reconnect it.

Is it safe to use

No, OpenLoad is not quite safe. Kodi uses all the copyrighted material for streaming Movies, Tv shows and Cartoons from other sources without any permission. Due to copyright issues, this is illegal. If you want to experiment anonymously with Kodi, I would recommend you to make masks your IP address and if you use this VPN without leaving a fingerprint to enjoy.

How to fix the pairing issue on Kodi

  • When you try to open a movie using any video add-on (for example we will consider exodus). This will display a pop-up window in which all servers will have a few minutes to load.
  • You will now see a list of all the servers that are available. If you select the OPENLOAD server, an error requires authentication of the stream.
  • You must go to where you want to click to get your IP address to enable streaming.
  • Here you have to solve the captcha and click on the pair.

  • If the pair succeeds, the pair will receive a message successfully.

Now the connection is successful and you can enjoy it for 4 hours now. Then I want to connect again.

Alternative way

If in case the first method didn’t help you, then you can use the alternative method to solve Video pair or pair error. To correct this error, follow the instructions below.

  • Navigate to Addon> Video Add-on.
  • Right-click Addon name (Exodus) Click and select Settings.
  • Now the Settings window opens, you can go back to the Playback from the left column.
  • Here you will find the Hosters with Captcha option, turn it OFF and then click OK.


That’s all about the Olpair error and its guide to fix it. This method is applicable to almost all the video addons. Using the first method it is possible to fix all the pairing issues on Kodi. I hope this will be useful and informative for you. If you have any doubts, kindly comment below.

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