How to Play PSP Games Using PPSSPP gold app on android?

The Sony PlayStation Portable is a great way to do if you really want to go to games like Gran Turismo or Castlevania. But if you already have a powerful Android phone in your pocket to justify the game console to handle PSP. 10 years before the PSP was so popular but now it has been closed, and your Android could now slack it up.

There are a number of PSP emulators available over years, but I found time to return to UltraGameEmulators based on PPSSPP. It’s one of the most consistent PSP emulators that I have used so far, and that’s enough to keep coming back. It is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC 10, Pixel and LG G5. And it’s free.

UltraPSP is no longer available in the Google Play Store, which is loaded sideways on your Android phone or tablet. Download the latest version of APKPure. If you already have “unknown sources” enabled on your device, then install it by clicking the “Download complete” notification. If you want to use a prototype available on Google Play, PPSSPP.If your own PSP game package contains your ISO files, it’s great! Otherwise, you need to install an Android application to obtain archive file types, such as PPSSPP, Unzip & Zip utility.

Step 1: Download a game ROM

ROMs has a legal gray area when downloading copyright and intellectual property issues. Therefore, we can not connect to specific ROM or download sites. If you visit Google Emuparadise or CoolROM to see PSP games, we will not stop you.

Once you’ve picked up a site, watch a game that interests you and downloads it. Technically, you have to keep a copy of the game you want to play, so be careful. Read the prompt carefully and click on the correct link on the page. When you start downloading, you can download the icon in your status bar and follow the progress of the download in your notification bar. Once your file has been downloaded after verification, go to the next step.

Step 2: Expand your game file

Once you have downloaded, you must extract from the archive file like RAR, 7Z, ZIP, etc to get access to an ISO.

  • Download and open PPSSPP Gold apk.
  • Open the download folder.
  • Tap your game archive file to check the box.
  • Press the “Extract” button.
  • In the pop-up window, press again to check the file.
  • Press “extract”.

After extracting the folder, make sure you have extracted the required files. If you see another archive file, make sure it is deleted. If you see an ISO file, you can open the exit Easy Unrar.

Step 3: Start the game

This is not the hardest part, it’s time to play! To open UltraPSP, type the code of the control bat and select “Games”. Select the “Home” button and open your download folder. Please note that you have the option to display your selections as a grid or list. Large green box (folder), press the game title which is unzipped RAR native, zip without any file. In my case, this monster hunter is the unity of freedom.

If there is only one to delete the archive file, you will see a cover image in the image file of your file. If not, tap the game folder until you see the game map. When you see the picture, tap it to play it.

Now sit back and enjoy the benefits of work. As you can see below, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite works perfectly on my device. Depending on the game’s performance, each game console will be at the top. Some people can use it, but you can still connect the PS4 controller to your phone or tablet.

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