How to Turn OFF Waze Location on iPhone

It is quite annoying to see Waze location always being ON even after you quit the app. I hope you too will have this feel. If you are looking for some possible solution to turn off Waze Location service completely and especially when you are not using that app, then this article is for you. You might have noticed that in most of the cases, the location service or the internal GPS running in the background will be one of the main reason for draining the battery quickly.

Coming to Waze app, after using it for navigation we usually turn OFF it. However, your location service will still be turned ON even you log off Waze completely. This may or may not consume your battery, but apart from it most of us are not comfortable about tracking our location where we go. You might have a question, why this Waze location is service is always ON even if you turn OFF the app completely???… It is because Waze uses your location for some other integrated features. Let us see about it, a little brief.

Why and Where Waze Location Service is used?

When you are driving, at that time Waze uses the iPhone location(GPS Sensor), which allows the app to display your current location on the MAP and also make you aware of the traffic, roadblocks, and other hazards ahead.

1. Location service for MAP

Initially, It will provide you with only two option for iOS users. Go to iOS settings >> Privacy >> Location Service >> Waze >> Never/Always. These are the two options. If you are a rare user of Waze App you may select Never option. Once you select Never option, you may result in turning ON the this manually every time you use the Waze App. Later there was an update shows an additional option, which is ‘ While Using the App‘. By selecting this option, the app will use the location service only when you use the app. Apart from this, there are other built-in  Waze services that use the location reporting on your Smart Phone.

2. Reporting Location Change

Waze, use the location change reporting for time to leave Remainders. It will use our current location even when you are using the app. It does so, to remind you about your iOS calendar events, more specifically for planned drives and notification time to leave.

Steps to Turn OFF Waze Location On iPhone

  • Open Waze App settings.
  • Go to the Advanced settings section. under that select General.
  • There you will find Location change reporting option.
  • Slide and Disable it.

It’s done. Now exit the app completely and check the status bar. The location service arrow should no longer visible. In case, if it is still there, check if there are any other apps that use GPS is running in the background.

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However, the iOS calendar Drive reminder and Time to Leave are really nice features for those who do not worry much about their battery standby time. Now you will have a clear idea and it is all up to you to allow the apps to use the location or to completely turn OFF the Waze Location service.

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