What is VPN and advantages of it?

Communication has never been easier in human history. A single tap or a one mouse click could send data across thousands of miles in an instant. However, just as data communication has become easier, so has the methods of hacking into it. Hackers are always trying to steal important data in order to use them to their advantage. This is where data encryption comes into play. Data encryption is the process of encoding a piece of data before transmitting it to the receiving end. The decoding formula is only known to the receiver. This way someone hacking into the data packet midway will be unable to make any sense out of it. The process of decoding the encryption is known as decryption. In this day and age, data encryption has become a very vital part of the Internet.

The Internet is a vast place and you cannot know who hides just beyond the corner waiting to steal your data. Data could be anything from credit card information to passwords or any other confidential information. Although no encryption is unbreakable, programmers are slowly trying to evolve encryption techniques over the years.

Virtual Private Network or VPN technology has been specifically developed keeping the security of data communication in mind. As its name suggests, VPN technology allows private networks between two or more computers to extend further across the public network or the Internet. This gives you the added security features of a private network without requiring them to a physical part of the private network.


1.VPN Means Greater security

VPN technology gives you all the security features available in a private network. This makes it much more secure than regular connections. You can always be sure that the data has hard encryption over it.

2.Remote control

The data can be controlled or accessed from anywhere by you. This is a great advantage over private networks. This also helps in increasing the productivity of a business or a company.

3.A new identity

Using VPN networks you can mask your actual IP address. Particularly when you connect such VPN service with your streaming device, the access to all the sites will be unlimited.

Talking about streaming devices, Amazon fire stick, and Fire TV are one of the best ways to stream your favorite content. Many online streaming services, including Amazon fire stick, use geo-restrictions to their content. This is where VPNs helps us. Streaming geo-restricted content on Fire TV is possible when you connect it with a VPN service.

4.Anonymity over the network

Using VPN technology, it is possible for you to browse web pages without revealing your network identity. This is much safer and you may access web pages without having the fear of tracker programs trying to gather information.

5.Works like a proxy

You can access blocked websites as you will be granted permission. This is the single greatest incentive that is promoting the use of VPN technology.


Sharing data becomes much easier and safer using VPN networks. Data can be shared over a long period of time.

7.Increased performance

You can achieve greater network speeds and bandwidth using VPN networks.

8.Zero maintenance and low cost

Using VPN technology does not cost you much and it does not require much maintenance from your side either.


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