I’m Jenny Smith a proud mother of two and a nurse. I have a decent pay, a loving husband and two beautiful children- Jason 5 and Dave 8. You must be thinking, ‘She has it all!’ But I don’t. If anything, I hardly come home happy. You see, I work at a children’s hospital and it bothers me how many children lose their lives daily as a result poor home safety. Believe me, I have seen a mother of three cute triplets go into a serious nervous breakdown after she found her three angels badly burnt after their home caught fire. Reason? The little boys were playing with fire and like it happens in so many homes today, the gas was on. That is just but one of the many sad incidents I have handled here at Maryland Children’s hospital. So I thought to myself, ‘How many kids out there are risking their lives at home because of poor home safety? What can I do to make a change?’…that is how this website was born.

It is easy to ignore the role that home safety plays in our homes today. Most parents usually brush aside things like fire detectors and vents. They assume everything’s fine or that their kids are grown enough to know playing with fire can be dangerous. Nothing could be further from the truth than such assumptions. Carbon monoxide, fire, floods and so many other mishaps have taken a toll on so many homes. Do not allow your family to be a statistic. Invest in systems that can always let you stay away from home with the peace of mind that your loved ones are safe. Go for that app that can send you real time images and videos of your home every hour if you have to. Go too for that automated video surveillance system. At the end of the day, you are trying to protect a priceless, irreplaceable asset – your family.